What We Do

Our Pilot Program

Our initial offering is a disability leadership development program for young professionals with disabilities. This program consists of six bi-weekly group sessions supplemented with 1:1 coaching sessions in the off weeks. Background, program details and pilot program results are available in a short deck below.

Our successful program pilot cohort consisted of a widely diverse group of ten talented participants and seven exceptional coaches including several Fortune 50 retired executives. The value of the program was demonstrated by a post program survey from participants yielding a Net Promoter Score of 9.6 (On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this program to a peer or someone like yourself?).

Feedback from Pilot Program Participants

The topics and coaching sessions were exceptionally insightful, triggered several epiphanies, re-enforced some of my convictions, and uncovered gems within me I never realized I had. This was truly an empowering and invaluable experience!

This program had some of the most impactful, eye opening, and meaningful leadership guidance I have ever been given. It isn’t easy to find groups to discuss career growth and pitfalls of the workplace for the disabled, but this was a group that had tremendous years of experience and success behind the individuals developing and leading it; their insights into the disabled community and how to grow success while using your disability as a strength and difference maker was profound and important for me.

This program authentically addresses the realities of having a disability and pursuing a challenging career. The speakers never separated those two things, but rather treated them as parts of life that inevitably influence one another.

This quite simply was the best training in which I’ve ever participated.

This program was incredible for me in my professional development. I can now better speak on my impact as a disabled leader and I greatly attribute that to being exposed for the first time in my life to other disabled leaders as coaches and peers.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more or participating in our next cohort as a participant, coach or sponsor.

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